Welcome to Verorganic Health Coaching

Welcome to Verorganic Health Coaching

Welcome to Verorganic Health CoachingWelcome to Verorganic Health Coaching

About Me

Hi! Let me tell you a little bit about myself... My name is Veronica. I am very passionate about food and nutrition, and I love cooking and experiment with food all the time. Also, I love doing yoga, and as a Yoga Instructor I love teaching it. I love my students and I love to see them smile in appreciation after taking my class. Above all, I am devoted to my family and seeing them happy and healthy is the most important goal in my life. I am a Pediatric Dentist and love all my patients because I think children are the best people in the world! Now as a Health Coach graduated at IIN, I founded Verorganic to help other people, men and women to be the best version of themselves, mainly through the incorporation of healthy habits into their lives, replacing old bad ones for those that are going to improve their quality of life overall, making them feeling better so they can live more..!

Session by session, step by step, I have seen my clients thrive by regaining control of their lives, thus manifesting infinite love first to themselves and consequently to others. I have seen them realize how the quality of the food they eat affects them, and conversely, how their state of mind and their emotions impact the way they eat. I have seen them learn this simple tool but very poorly used nowadays which is to be able to listen to their bodies, and have seen their bodies respond accordingly, revealing changes they have always wanted to see.   

If you want to explore what this is all about, you can contact me any time or you can leave a message clicking on the square below... I would love to hear from you!