Welcome to Verorganic Health Coaching

Welcome to Verorganic Health Coaching

Welcome to Verorganic Health CoachingWelcome to Verorganic Health Coaching

Be honest, be you, be organic...


What do I mean by being organic?

By being organic I basically mean being authentic, to be honest, to be simple, to be yourself. To be capable of knowing yourself so much that you will get to the point to heal yourself by yourself.

Work with me!

I will dedicate my time to truly listen to you, guiding you and supporting you throughout the way, and you will learn how to listen to your body and follow your instincts so that you can achieve those goals you have ever dreamed of, with results that will last forever, evolving as you evolve overtime. 

How to get there?

By being honest with yourself, you will stick to your true self, doing what you want and need, not being lead by others. Let it be simple, forget about complicated journeys, just be present, be mindful and tuned into your body. 


It is not about engaging on a specific short-term diet but on acquiring a healthy lifestyle that would last forever. You will regain the power to heal yourself by yourself, focusing primarily on getting to know your own needs, complementing it with key concepts about nutrition and healthy habits, thinking on what is on your plate and beyond it, and through practical and easy steps to get there.  All of them offered on a tailored program on individual or group sessions, that include cook workshops, supermarket tours, lectures, pantry make-over assessment, nutritional counseling, yoga classes, and so much more. You get to choose which one depending on your interests and needs...

It's about being connected

You will learn to take the time to quiet your mind and listen to your body, to trust in your own inner wisdom, your intuitions, which may reflect in a way what your body needs. You will know how to be mindful, so you can use all of your senses to connect to yourself and to the rest of world.   

Just be you, flowing with the course of your life, to be the happiest, healthiest you, be whole, be organic..!